Reduce the amount and toxicity of trash you discard. Right Away works with manufacturers, retailers and consumers to reduce the amount of waste by accepting many different kinds of consumer electronics products (and the list grows longer everyday) from across the country.

Waste is a terrible thing to mind, never refuse to reuse.



Recycle each and every day, instead of throwing paper and plastic away.


Waste materials


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Right Away Scrap Metal Recycling

16880 Gator Rd.

Fort Myers, FL 33912-1967

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Dispose of your scrap or equipment the right way with recycling services offered by our recycling center in Fort Myers, Florida. Right Away Scrap Metal Recycling offers safe recycling services for your scrap metal, appliances, and equipment. We will pay you top dollar for your recyclable material.

We also offer convenient services for businesses that wish to have their scrap picked up on a regular basis. You may also drop off your scrap at our walk-in location. Contact us for more information about what we recycle at our recycling center.


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Our Recycling Center

At our recycling center, we accept various metals including aluminum, copper, brass, and steel. Our employees will help you unload your scrap. Once it's unloaded, we weigh everything on our updated scales. Once the weight is determined, we will pay you cash for your scrap.